Why Cookie?

First things first, all credit for the image goes to the talented Mike Mitchell.

The number one question I have gotten about this site to date is why cookie monster? So the way I see it - cookie would be an ideal investor.

Cookie knows whats important to him.

Nonetheless, cookie was able to adapt to a changing world, with Matt Lauer, even.

Cookie knows to put his friends first.

Cookie can teach us about: the internet, peer pressure, power dynamics, life, more about the internet, bitcoin bitcookie, you name it really.

In all likelihood- the childhood mascot for all things circular and ideally chocolate chip is a Rorschach test telling us more about the analyst than the monster, but I think he would crush the index like a dozen oatmeal raisin.

Editor’s Note: Cookie Monster once featured more prominently in the branding of this site, he can still be seen in the favicon.

#If Cookie Is Wrong I'm Not Sure I Want to Be Right